Best football cards

best football cards

Love vintage pigskin? It may be undervalued. Here's a look at 15 of the best football cards to invest in if you're looking to get in the game. Football cards worth more than Donald Trump has ever paid in Taxes. - Top 25 Most Valuable Football Cards. Baseball tends to get most of the recognition when it comes to card collecting, but other sports, like football, also have their own collection of cards for each. Jim Brown is arguably the greatest football player in NFL history. A broadcaster and writer for more than 30 years and a collector for even longer than that, he's usually typing something. Scott Jun 26, Reply I really believe if Panini could get baseball rights they and not Topps would be king of cards. Panini DOES have better customer service and a much better social media le prom berlin. Right 4 — X best football cards


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